About Us

SRT was formed by Dave Jaques and Warren Megget.

SRT intends to increase the capacity on the Board as the charitable activities are rolled out during 2024.


Dave Jaques

Dave is an Auckland lawyer with a history of innovation in private enterprise. Dave has been a Police Officer, Class 5 truck driver, built his own 330m2 house (while studying law) as well as having been a Mentor for NZ Business Mentors since 2015. He brings all of these life skills (and more) to this important cause.

 You can see Dave’s full work history here: 


Warren Megget

Warren is the currently the Chair of the Papakura Rotary, but he has an extensive background in charitable work and private business ownership. Warren’s work history started at IBM when the world’s first ‘punch card computers’ came out. He has an ongoing passion for water-based activities, is a Coastguard Boating Education tutor, and he has spent 30 odd years as a Scout leader. Warrens’ life mission is “To empower youth to take full personal responsibility for their futures and give them the tools and resources to move forward in life with confidence. Their resulting independence will inspire and encourage others.”