Are we too afraid to speak about something that actually shocks us?

Lawyer explains why he did it- is he wrong?




Issued by the Board of Suicide Reduction Trust  

Dave operates the Suicide Reduction Trust at a management level. The Board is comprised of Dave and Warren. The Board has met on a fairly regular basis since it was first formed on 9 February 2024.

On 24 June 2024 Dave engaged in a protest that he had not brought to the Board’s attention for approval in advance.

Dave has apologized to Warren for the failure to bring to the Board, something that could have had a profound impact on the Trust’s reputation and way of operating.

 Dave acknowledges, that despite carrying out his protest for the right reasons, he may have in fact caused more harm than good.

Today we find it shocking and unacceptable to draw attention to sudden death. In the future we may well want it published as a measure of how successful we are in society at addressing this problem.

85% of the Facebook comments are negative (some complaining being late for work is more important than bringing attention to this serious problem in Aotearoa). On Tik Tok (where all the young people are) there were 63 likes as of close of 24 June. posted a video on Tik Tok on 23 March 2023 that she had a serious mental health crisis, she photographed being in the Police car, the hospital, then being told, “You’re not sick enough” and “there’s nothing we can do”. She was then put straight back home (no better off). Is she still alive today? Or have we let her down?

(Video here:

 The Dave and the Board unreservedly apologises to all who were traumatized by Dave’s actions yesterday.

Many have said there are better ways in which attention can be drawn the ever increasing in the suicide rates in Aotearoa. Dave says he has not given up in his drive to increase awareness and bring about change, and he welcomes emails ( of specific suggestions that might work.   






We cannot carry the weight of the entire world on our shoulders. We only have so much money, and there is only so much we can do about this problem.

SRT is a not-for-profit charity focused on reducing suicide in New Zealand. We do this by funding programmes for people to develop the skills to better identify their strengths and weaknesses without judgment (self-identity).

Our kaupapa is, “I am Me – I am Worthwhile”. Our belief system is that when a person can clearly see their true self and circumstances, and wholly accept this fact, they will be in an excellent position to make decisions as to what direction they should go in.

When it is raining heavily outside, and it really seems like it will never stop, it is a complete fact that the rain will stop one day and the sunshine will come out.

Life is like that too. Today it might be dark as dark, but we know for a fact, that if all you do is hold your breath, and not doing anything silly, the sunshine will come!

We work with authorized providers to run programmes based on our kaupapa to help people find awareness and acceptance in who they are, so they can start from that place in consciously showing a positive pathway forward for themselves.

See our Programmes for our other initiatives to heal this seriously bad problem in Aotearoa.





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